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Dark Elf Complex

Dark Elf Complex

This place is a part of the Masks Marketing campaign however could also be altered and used for different adventures.

Map for Darkish Elf Complicated:

1. Major Door: That is the preliminary barricade that outsiders from the floor will come to. It’s 200′ from the floor entrance to this spot. A thick picket wall that spans the whole hall blocks the tunnel. A door has been constructed inside the wall for comfort however is inaccessible from the surface. It’s often manned by 2 of the decrease degree guards.

Word: The wall is made from a tough wooden and strengthened with metallic bindings. It’s over 1′ thick with help beams which might be wedged into the ground. It may be burned however it might be a really sluggish course of and the defenders would have the ability to extinguish most small fires. The wall stops earlier than reaching the ceiling nevertheless, it is just 12′ excessive (the tunnel is 15′ at this level.) That is so defenders (who stand on a catwalk on the eight′ degree) can drop oil over or hearth at these near the wall. There are 2 arrow slits constructed into the wall at Four′ peak. These are extraordinarily slender (90% cowl) consisting of nothing greater than small holes for firing at targets additional up the tunnel.

Getting previous the wall will show most troublesome. Doubtless it should be destroyed by hand (Hardness 7, HP: 150) or magic have to be used to get previous it. One other risk will probably be to drive the defenders away by throwing hearth over the wall or utilizing spells like stinking cloud to drive them away whereas the get together will get previous. Keep in mind the drow contemplate the wall to be vitally necessary for protection and won’t give up it simply. An enemy who has will get previous the wall has crushed their main protection and no secondary plan actually exists.

2. Pit Lure: This disguised pit, hidden by a sod coated tarp, is designed to sluggish up any invading pressure that will get previous the wall. The corridors right here slender to 10′ vast and the pit itself is 6′ extensive and 10′ lengthy. It opens to a drop of 20′, not sufficient for a lot injury however to decelerate any invaders who would require assist to get out of or across the pit.

Three. Important Staging Space: This space is the place the darkish elves will type as much as repel an assault or regroup after a rout on the wall. It’s actually solely an open space with tunnels main south to space Four or east to the barracks. The key passage within the western wall results in space 5. It’s truly a skinny sheet of rock that has been disguised by means of “Captain Sheltan’s” stone form spells.

Four. Barricade: These are the defenses towards incursion from the underneath darkish denizens. This space isn’t as properly defended however nonetheless care is taken in case of an precise assault. There isn’t a wall at this level however a barricade Four′ excessive blocks passage throughout the hall. The barricade might be moved (a power of 25 will suffice) it’s manufactured from wooden and has spikes made that jut throughout its outer face.

2 decrease degree guards often man it. If attacked the barricade offers anyplace from 50% (melee) to 90% (ranged) cowl for the guards. These climbing the barricade should make a dexterity verify (DC 15, 2E dexterity examine) to keep away from the spikes. In the event that they fail they take 1d6 injury and should make a second examine or grow to be hung up on the spikes. These hung up should spend 1 spherical getting free.

5. Secret Tunnel: This tunnel is used to make sorties or scouting missions towards attackers from the floor world. It’s situated 150′ west of the particular tunnel entrance and about 25′ larger. The doorway can’t be discovered outdoors as a result of the wall is stone-shaped, in order that the scouts should truly break by way of it to go away. The darkish elves won’t retreat this manner however will use it towards the celebration if diplomacy fails.

6. Barracks: There are 12 cots on this room they’re positioned towards the west and east partitions leaving the north wall clean. The cots are product of wooden and every soldier’s private results are positioned beneath or on prime. Alongside the north wall some crude targets have been positioned for dagger or crossbow follow.

That is the sleeping space for the decrease degree guards. There are a complete of 12 2nd degree warriors who reside in these quarters. Four are often on guard obligation and a couple of others shall be tending different duties such because the backyard, cooking, or weapon upkeep. Treasure: Amongst the private results for every soldier is their private wealth. Since they have a tendency to gamble passing away the time. The quantity every has is totally different. To simulate this every soldier could have between 10-100 gp. and Zero-Three gems of values from 10-40 gp. (Roll it up or make your personal selections)

7. Officer Barracks: Three picket cots are positioned on this room. There’s far more area right here than is required. Every officer’s private results are positioned beneath their cots.

These are the quarters for the three 4th degree warriors who function officers to the decrease degree guards. 1 of those officers is all the time on obligation supervising the on obligation guards and the guide labors duties. The opposite 2 officers will both be right here or socializing with the troops in space 6. Treasure: Amongst the private results every officer has 10-100 gp., 5-20 pp., and Zero-Three gems value 10-60 gp.

eight. Kitchen: This are is used for meals preparation. A stone oven has been constructed right here and the smoke is ventilated out by means of a pure venting the ceiling. This gap is unlikely to assist gamers since it’s just a few inches extensive. Meals that’s ready right here is usually numerous types of fungus which might be grown within the backyard and what few animals (rats or giant bugs principally) or lizards that may be hunted.

8a: This can be a pantry space used for drying out fungus or holding numerous foodstuffs.

9. Backyard and Latrine: This massive chamber incorporates 9 rows of crops in what is clearly a cultivated backyard. You additionally discover the overwhelming aroma of waste and see a number of buckets that seem to double each as chamber pots and fertilizer spreaders. In reality, most of the crops right here look like fairly nicely fertilized. Many giant bugs crawl amongst the crops and filth.

This space serves many features. First it’s the backyard the place the varied foodstuffs are grown, it is also the place the fungus used to make the sleep poison is cultivated. Third it serves as a latrine space, offering a pure fertilizer for the varied mushrooms, and a playground for the spiders which might be Sheltan’s pets. These creatures maintain the backyard freed from different vermin which may hurt the crops. A druid will have the ability to discern the makes use of of a lot of the crops right here.

Three medium Monstrous MM 210 3E spiders lair right here and can assault the characters in the event that they linger greater than a minute. These creatures are educated to obey instructions from Sheltan solely.

10. Wizard’s Quarters and Alchemy Lab: This room is a multitude. Plates of meals lie haphazardly across the room. There’s an precise mattress right here nevertheless it lies unmade and numerous stains have marked the blankets. Some scribbles mark the partitions these appear to be for recording days handed (complete is 2 years, Four months, and 6 days). There are numerous papers concerning the room that (if learn) appear to be numerous spell or potion notes which might be unfinished and discarded. No treasure of notice is on this room. A splattered curtain appears to steer additional on.

These are the quarters of the Wizard “Durgaan” Durgaan doesn’t affiliate with the troopers and continually moans the destiny that introduced him to this sorry state. He’s chargeable for creating and sustaining the drow sleep poison. He additionally makes an attempt to brew numerous potions however is restricted as a result of he lacks many chemical provides that he wants for brewing.

Notice: Until on alert, Durgaan is right here or within the backyard tending to the mushrooms there.

10a. Alchemy Lab: The world past the curtain is Durgaan’s alchemy lab. It’s pretty sparse and naturally a multitude. Any skilled wizard will have the ability to inform that the lab is unwell outfitted for making a lot of something. The one materials that he has available are the dried mushrooms used to make the drow sleep poison.

Different gadgets of word right here: Beneath the massive lab desk is a chest. It’s unlocked and has no traps, it incorporates Durgaans spell guide, and his few legible notes for creating the drow sleep poison. There’s additionally his private wealth (300 gp., Three 100 gp. gems, and a small jeweled ring value 50 gp.) and a number of other pages of dangerous darkish elven poetry that Durgaan has tried to write down. Durgaan additionally has a number of maps of the encompassing tunnels. These are all in his native tongue with a few of his personal symbols used for sure issues.

11. Captains Quarters: The quarters stand out from the remaining. There’s an precise mattress right here, with worn silken sheets upon it. A big tapestry adorns 1 wall displaying the historical past a darkish elven noble household. There’s additionally a small shrine right here devoted to the darkish elven god. This shrine is adorned with symbols of spiders and a number of other skulls, all of which have had small holes drilled into the highest. There’s additionally an armor stand which has had a number of daggers caught into its face.

These are the private quarters for captain Sheltan The doorway is guarded by a glyph of warding (chilly damage-of the suitable degree) Sheltan will probably be right here tending to her pet spider until required elsewhere. She enjoys sulking and considering of the revenge she is going to take upon those that sentenced her to this abysmal obligation.

The final merchandise of curiosity is a big armoire that accommodates a big number of clothes that whereas fairly wealthy and classy is considerably worn from use. Hidden within the backside of the armoire is Captain Sheltan’s private wealth: a small field accommodates 500 gp., 100 pp., a gold necklace with a silver spider with ruby chip eyes as an amulet (600 gp.). There’s additionally a wizard’s scroll with the spells: Teleport, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Dismissal, and Animate Lifeless (Sheltan is protecting these to make use of as incentive for Durgaan and can give them to him if the state of affairs appears to warrant it.)

Sheltan herself can be right here until on alert alongside together with her favourite pet- a medium Monstrous spider of most HPs MM 210 3E that obeys her each command. This creature has a small net constructed into the far nook out of the best way of Sheltan’s private results. It typically goes searching into the beneath darkish by itself and never returning for a number of days.

Statistics for common members:

Measurement:M, Str: 10 dex: 13 con: eight int: 13 Wis: 11 cha: 9(13 for the females)

Particular Qualities: Spell resistance 11+class degree, +2 racial bonus to will saves towards spells and spell-like talents, darkish imaginative and prescient as much as 120 ft.

Spell-like talents: 1/day-dancing lights, darkness, and faerie hearth. These talents are because the spells forged by a sorcerer of the drow’s character degree.
Mild Blindness: Abrupt publicity to vibrant mild (akin to daylight or a daylight spell) blinds the drow for 1 full spherical. As well as they endure a -1 circumstance penalty to all assault rolls, saves, and checks whereas working in vibrant mild.

Different primary Elvin talents: +2 racial bonuses to look, spot, and pay attention checks. Passing inside 5 ft of a secret or hid door is granted a search examine to seek out it. Immunity to magic sleep spells and results. +2 racial bonus to will saves versus enchantment spells or results.

Drow Poison: Fortitude save (DC 17) or fall unconscious. After 1 minute a second fortitude save (DC 17) or stay unconscious for 2d4 hours.

Potential cleric spheres: Chaos, destruction, evil, and trickery.
Favored class: Feminine-cleric, Male-wizard

Align: NE
Velocity: 30


CR 2; Measurement M (Four ft., 7 in. tall); HD second10-2; hp 9 (-1 CON); Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+Four chain, +1 buckler, +1 Dex); Assault +2 (+2 Base) melee or +Three (+2 Base, +1 Dex) ranged; SV Fort +Three (+Three Base, -1 Con), Ref +1 (+Zero Base, +1 Dex), Will +Zero; Str 10 , Dex 13 (+1), Con eight (-1), Int 13 (+1), Wis eight (-1), Cha 9 (-1).
Languages Spoken: Undercommon

Expertise and feats: Transfer Silent +15

EQ: chain shirt (+Four AC, max dex. bonus +Four, -2 armor examine penalty, 20% arcane spell failure, weight 25 lbs.) Buckler (+1 armor bonus, -1 armor verify penalty, 5percentarcane spell failure, weight 5lb.), Mild loght crossbow (injury 1d8, menace 19-20/x2), 10 bolts for crossbow, packet of sleep poison (Three doses), brief sword (injury 1d6, menace 19-20/x2)

CR Four; Measurement M (Four ft., 7 in. tall); HD 4d10-Four; hp 18; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (+Four chain, +1 buckler, +1 Dex, +1 dodge); Assault +Four (+Four Base) melee or +6 (+Four Base, +1 Dex, +1 Focus) ranged; SV Fort +Three (+Four Base, -1 Con), Ref +2 (+1 Base, +1 Dex), Will +1; Str 11 , Dex 14 (+1), Con eight (-1), Int 13 (+1), Wis eight (-1), Cha 9 (-1).

Languages Spoken: Undercommon

Expertise and feats: Transfer Silent +21, Dodge, Weapon Focus (crossbow)

EQ: chain shirt (+Four AC, max dex. bonus +Four, -2 armor verify penalty, 20% arcane spell failure, weight 25 lbs.) Buckler (+1 armor bonus, -1 armor verify penalty, 5percentarcane spell failure, weight 5lb.), Mild loght crossbow (injury 1d8, menace 19-20/x2), 10 bolts for crossbow, packet of sleep poison (Three doses), brief sword (injury 1d6, menace 19-20/x2)

Lieutenant Durgaan, male darkish elf Wiz7

CR Four; Measurement M (Four ft., 7 in. tall); HD 7d4-7; hp 14; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+Four chain, +1 buckler, +1 Dex); Assault +Four (+Four Base) melee; SV Fort +1 (+2 Base, -1 Con), Ref +Four (+2 Base, +2 Dex), Will +5; Str 11 , Dex 15 (+2), Con eight (-1), Int 17 (+Three), Wis eight (-1), Cha 9 (-1).

Languages Spoken: Undercommon, Widespread

Expertise and feats: Alchemy +13 (+10 ranks, +Three Int), Focus +10 (+10 ranks), Spell craft +13 (+10 ranks, +Three Int), Arcane Knowlege +13 (+10 ranks, +Three Int)

Wizard Spells Per Day: Four/Four+1/Three+1/2+1/1.

Spell Record:
Zero: arcane mark, daze, detect poison
1st: magic missile, defend, mage Armor
2nd: invisibility, bull’s power
third: lightning bolt, haste
4th: dimension door

Word: Durgaan is a coward who has been despatched to this outpost together with Sheltan as a result of he tried to remain out of household conflicts. His wishes to remain impartial backfired and he was seen as a collaborator by each side. He’s liable for making the drow sleep poison and sustaining the gardens by which the mushrooms are cultivated. He moans his destiny continually, however won’t ever take motion to vary it, since he might probably make issues worse by doing so.

Captain Sheltan of Home Redleev, Ftr3/Clr6

CR 10; Measurement M (Four ft., 10 in. tall); HD 3d10-Three + 6d8-6; hp 54; Init +6 (+2 Dex, +Four Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (+5 chain, +2 Dex); Assault +11/+6 melee (+eight base, +2 morning star, +1 weapon focus), or +9/+Four ranged; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +7; AL NE; Str 13, Dex 14, Con eight, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 12.
Languages Spoken: Widespread, Elven, Gnome, Orc, Sylvan, Undercommon.

Expertise and feats: Climb +7, Focus +eight, Craft +12, Disable system +6, Disguise +Four, Cover +5, Intimidate +Four.5, Pay attention +Three, Transfer silently +2, Journey +6, Search +5, Spot +Three, Swim +Four, Tumble +5; Blind-fight, Fight reflexes, Enlarge spell, Additional turning, Improved initiative, Weapon focus (morning star).

Cleric Spells Per Day: 5/Four+1/Three+1/2+1

1st: inflict mild wounds, bless, defend of religion, doom, command
2nd: assist, bull’s power, endurance, make entire
third: animate lifeless, dispel magic, stone form
EQ: +2 Morning Star (bane vs floor elves) named Vengeance’s Darkish Hand

Observe: Sheltan is a member of Home Redleev. Home Redleev is a noble drow family that has suffered some current losses. Sheltan is extraordinarily boastful and satisfied of her personal superiority. This has led her to be exiled on the far perimeter of the Drow Empire. She is desperately on the lookout for a solution to both get again into the great graces of her family or discover some strategy to turn into profitable with out them.

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